Women's Health and Wellness

Stay Healthy with Visits to Our Wellness Clinics

healthy womanWomen's Wellness Clinics are held oneTuesday of every month and you must have an appointment. Please call 417-745-2138 to make an appointment with nurse practitioner Donna Moriarty, WHNP.

What We Provide

No matter what your age, we have the right health program just for you. A female, women's health nurse practitioner provides low cost family planning services which may include:

  • pelvic exams
  • breast exams
  • Pap tests
  • nurse consultations
  • education about control options including birth control pills, patch, NuVa ring and Depo shots.
  • non-prescriptive condoms are available

As needed, we will also check your weight and blood pressure, test for anemia, teach you how to perform breast exams on yourself, and test for pregnancy.

Pregnancy testing includes counseling and referral--a list of physicians is provided. We can issue Medicaid temporary cards to women with positive pregnancy tests who meet the financial requirements.

Please call us if you have questions about fees for medical services and contraceptives.

We accept Medicaid and we bill Medicaid for Women Wellness/Family Planning Services. Prescriptions are written for Medicaid clients and filled at the pharmacy of their choice.

We also accept clients with insurance, but we do not bill insurance at this time. Our fee is usually less than insurance co-pay.

Other Tests Offered

young sexual woman Women will also be offered age appropriate cholesterol and glucose screenings, screening and treatment of vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and testing for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia if required. Syphilis and HIV tests done upon request.

We can also provide HPV typing if your ASCUS Pap comes back abnormal: this tests costs an additional $40, which must be paid in advance. HPV warts can be treated at a cost of $5.00 per visit.

Want to learn more about STDs? Click here. 

Free Exams If You Qualify

Show Me Healthy Women/Wise Woman program will help you get free pelvic and breast exams, a free Pap test, free mammogram, laboratory services and a health lifestyle intervention consultation.

If you've waited for these services because you felt you could not afford them, please call today for information and to see if you qualify. 417-745-2138. For more information about the Show Me Healthy Women program, click here.

More information about mammograms here.