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Our Staff

Admin. Dawn Vader
Dawn Vader, MBA, CPA, Adminstrator

Dawn manages the day-to-day operations of the Health Department.




Sandi Nelson, RNSandi Nelson, R.N., B.S.N., Health Educator

Registered Nurse Sandi serves as the Coordinator for the Child Care Health Consultant, Facilitator for the Teen Outreach Program, Vaccine Coordinator for VFC, SMHW/WW Coordinator/Women’s Health Coordinator, Epidemiologist/ Communicable Diseases, and Health Educator.


Debbie Smith, PBT, CM

Debbie is a phlebotomist (she draws bloods and prepares it for the lab), and oversees worksite wellness, and many other responsibilities."



Sharon Korsi, Administrative Assistant

Sharon helps keep the office running smoothly, and serves as registrar, WIC clerk and billing clerk.




Melissa, Peer Counselor
Melissa Elliot,
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Melissa works with other moms, helping new mothers become comfortable with breastfeeding their infants.



Donna Moriarty, Nurse Practitioner
Donna Moriarty, Nurse 

Donna is the person you see for exams at the twice-monthly Womens' Wellness Clinic.




Jeff Owen, Environmental Public Helath SpecialistJeff Owen, Environmental Public Health Specialist

Jeff is responsible for food establishment inspections and permitting, food complaint investigations, food recalls, truck wreck involving food investigations, frozen dessert licensing, summer food service program inspections, lodging inspections and lodging complaint investigations, on-site wastewater permitting and inspections, and on-site wastewater complaint investigations.